Our Mission

MV Beachgoers Access Group is a non-profit organization that advocates for continued broad and affordable beach access for residents and visitors of Martha’s Vineyard alike, while being mindful of the environmental conservation and preservation that makes these places special.

Our History

The organization started in 2021 as a group of Martha's Vineyard residents, business owners and frequent visitors with common beachgoer access interests. MV Beachgoers Access Group researches historical beach use, informs the public and beach managers of current issues and problems, creates dialogue between the beach managers and the beachgoers, keeps the public alerted to closures and other issues, advocates for responsible and safe public beach access, and supports reasonable environmental management to preserve these special natural places.

We need your help…

While the MVBAG Directors and the Working Group contribute on a volunteer basis, your donations to the MV Beachgoers Access will support activities such as:

  • Retaining domain experts like Chris Kennedy for Beach Management, Mike Biros from Groundwater Studios for Beach Analysis/Architecture, and other experts as needed

  • Initiatives related to developing a new Beach Management Plan.

  • Real-time Beach Access Text Notification

  • Purchasing of petition, website, survey, and email newsletter software

  • Annual fees and services to file as a non-profit

You can donate through PayPal with a credit or your Paypal account via https://tinyurl.com/MVBAGpaypal

Or send a check in the mail by making checks payable to:

Martha's Vineyard Beachgoers Access Group Inc.

Mailing address:

MVBAG c/o Peter Sliwkowski, 87 Litchfield Road, Edgartown, MA 02539

Thank you for supporting MV Beachgoers Access Group!

Please note that donations made to a 501(c)(4) are not tax deductible .

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Simply text “mvbag” to 877-323-1383 or click on the button below your phone

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